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6 reader opinions to Midland Daily News article "City won't let DEQ take samples" 4/29/04

Name: Kevin Henson

Date: Apr, 30 2004

Perhaps the DEQ would be willing to work with priviate property owners to take soil samples from the area of interest.

Name: michael Johnson  

Date: Apr, 30 2004

I see I am not the only one who smells a rat here! I was going to comment the other day but I thought perhaps I was just reading this article too closely to see the whole picture but it truely is just as I read it. I believe the city of Midland (govt) is trying to help out Dow Chemical instead of it's citizens. I believe they are trying to help out one of it's biggest tax payers for their own reasons (revenue). Helping the DEQ might just put a damper on this business and expedite the process of making Dow responsible to it's mess!

Name: Thomas Haley

Date: Apr, 29 2004

I think its a great idea that the city allow the test and let the citizens of Midland see if they have any medical concerns. forget property value most people would be more concerned with the their health!!!!!!!

Name: roger ten eyck  

Date: Apr, 29 2004

souds almost like the city wants to cover someting up more then dow chemical

Name: Kathy Henry  

Date: Apr, 29 2004

Boy, This is the biggest RAT I have ever smelled. What is wrong with these city leaders? If this was lead or mercury contamination they were talking about, would their actions be the same? Why are they so afraid to have the city tested? Because they already know the results. I would think a little fear in residents might be a good thing. The whole point of fear is to cause people to be cautious when danger is present. Isn't that a positive result? Doesn't it bring awareness to the problem and help contain it? And how is it political for people having to live in it? I say, SHAME ON MIDLAND. And please don't try and rationalize job layoffs with this. It is already happening, despite record earnings by "the company" in the past 5 quarters.

Name: Fred Stoll

Date: Apr, 29 2004

This is the biggest BS story I have heard from City officials.

They want to steer the investigation. They should have let the State have the dirt.

While Mayor R. Drummond Black and City Manager Karl Tomion are busy protecting us, nothing gets resolved and we residents could be in danger from dioxin contamination. So how in the world, is that protection? Sounds like they are only protecting a single company in Midland, not the rest of us.

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