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Lori Franson 01/18/05 reader response to 1/17/05 MDN article

The attempts by the Senator and State Representative to get
dioxin contamination, as defined by the State, omitted from mandatory
disclosure by property owners to buyers is reprehensible.

Quite interesting to me is that the DEQ is somehow being viewed
as the perpetrator of the negative consequences of the contamination. The
priority regarding the contamination appears to be preventing adverse
financial consequences verses protecting public health.

The reasons for mandatory disclosures of contamination are to
protect public health and ensure the presence of informed consent (ability
to evaluate risk/benefit). Property owners are required to disclose the
presence of radon,lead, and mold (at least where I came from)to buyers. The
phrase in the MDN, "drafting legislation that could relieve Saginaw Valley
Homeowners" places the focus on the legislation proposed as something that
will prevent a burden to property owners wanting to sell their property
verses the resulting omission of information and it's potential health


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