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Kim Winchell, 05/02/06, Letter to the editor, Saginaw News

Pair admired

Editor, The News:

How very appropriate to recognize two longtime, tireless environmental advocates, Terry Miller and Michelle Hurd-Riddick, and the Lone Tree Council on Earth Day. ("A Lone Tree for vigilance," April 22)

Miller and Hurd-Riddick are known and admired across the state for their passionate work on behalf of Michigan's citizens and natural resources.

Residents may not be aware that Hurd-Riddick was honored by the Michigan Environmental Council as the 2005 recipient of their prestigious Petoskey Award, given to recognize outstanding grassroots environmental leadership, commitment, creativity and courage in defending Michigan's natural resources.

Hurd-Riddick has provided articulate and passionate leadership on many issues affecting the health and well-being of Michigan's citizens. She was instrumental in helping to bring recycling to Saginaw County and in raising awareness and inspiring action on childhood lead poisoning.

Both she and Miller continue their selfless efforts on our behalf, in trying to protect vulnerable populations and our whole watershed and its creatures from the toxic dangers of dioxin.

We, and the generations who will follow us, owe them a debt of gratitude.

Kim Winchell


Cycle awareness

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