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Kathy Henry, 10/09/05, Letter to the Editor Saginaw News

Subject: Dow's dioxin facility label

This is in response to Rep. John Moolenaar and Rep. Roger Kahn's recent letter to the news regarding the MDEQ's error in informing Tittabawassee River floodplain residents that their properties are contaminated with dioxin from Dow Chemical, therefore by law, making them part of Dow's facility.

They state that the then director of the agency never approved of the mailing. If I recall, republican DEQ director Russ Harding at that time, sat on the floodplain contamination knowledge for over a year, never informing residents, until a whistle blower in the department couldn't stand it any longer and contacted a local environmental group.

Since Dow's dioxin contamination was brought to light, in my observations over the past 3+ years, the republican administration and politicians have done nothing but try to protect Dow Chemical from any responsibility for using the Tittabawassee as their own personal sewer for the past 100 years.

The latest "home owners fairness act" that Moolenaar, Kahn and Senator Mike Goschka are trying to push through the senate is anything but fair. Lifting the facility label will not help the home owners. The contamination is still there and we will still have to disclose that information to potential buyers under Michigan real estate law.

These lawmakers neglect to mention that their bill will make it nearly impossible for the DEQ to enforce Dow's operating license holding them responsible for their contamination and future clean-up, nor do they mention that they want clean up to depend on the outcome of Dow Chemical funded studies. Was it mentioned Dow submitted 9 pages of protocol on how to do the "independent" study?

In my opinion, these lawmakers are a fine example of "dirty politics" at their best. I am grateful that someone in the DEQ warned us so we can take precautions against excessive continued exposure.

If anyone owes anybody an apology, Dow Chemical owes one to the residents whose back yards have been used as their own personal dumping grounds. I never gave Dow permission to do this to my yard. Why is this not a concern to Moolenaar, Goschka and Kahn?

Kathy Henry

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