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Kathy Henry 08/13/04

Greater risk

Editor, The Saginaw News:

In response to Kenneth S. Morris' letter Aug. 10, I would ask that he get the facts straight before passing judgment on residents suing Dow Chemical for contaminating their properties.

Plaintiffs attorneys do not oppose clients being tested for dioxin. The truth is, we have been encouraged to participate in the state of Michigan's exposure investigation, if asked.

The problem with the Dow-funded University of Michigan study is the company's proven ability to twist the truth with the statistics.

Case in point, their wild game study. Dow reported it was OK to eat wild game from the floodplain, when in fact, some deer had almost 150 parts per trillion dioxin in their livers. One turkey had 264 ppt in its skin. These were young animals. I believe FDA's "safe level" is around 1 ppt. Of course, there were some animals that tested low, mainly in the control group north of Midland.

These were averaged out to dilute the results.

Further, I have no doubt that even if residents' levels do come back high, (report not expected until 2007), Dow will then insist that any illnesses residents might have are still not proven to be from dioxin. There are no little D's floating around in tumors or insulin to prove it.

We are living in it. Of course we are at greater risk.

I find it curious Morris and others want the fox to guard the hen house.

Kathy Henry


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