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Saginaw News Letter to the Editor 6/13/04 in response to 6/8/04 article

In response to a recent SN article stating Saginaw County Commissioner Roger
Kahn supports raising safe residential dioxin levels from 90 to 1000 ppt., I
would like to say to him:

Where were you a year ago when floodplain residents properties were declared
a facility? Not one word. There was no support from you for the people you
represent in SAGINAW.

Why do you support this bill now, when the City of Midland may become a
facility as well? Because you are running for state representative this
fall and are scoring points with your parties current lawmakers?

Raising the level will not help the people on the river. Many tests have
come back well above the 1000 level. Seems to me you are just supporting
Midland and Dow to receive political support for your campaign. You are
selling us out.

Don't you remember back in 2002, when the state and Dow tried to raise the
safe level to 831, and the US EPA raised 42 objections to it? They did it
for a reason. Raising acceptable levels is not the solution.

Of course we have property value concerns. That is why we filed a lawsuit
against Dow. Nobody was willing to help the residents in Saginaw county, so
we took it upon ourselves.

Unlike you, I have been to almost all of the public meetings held on this
issue over the past 2 years, and I have heard many, many comments over
health concerns from the people. I was listening.

Shame on you, Roger Kahn. Your motives are transparent. You need to go back
to what you do well, as a respected cardiologist in this community.

Kathy Henry

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