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Kathy Henry 12/18/02

Dear Mr. Tefler,

I am also a river resident who is very concerned about some of the
statements you made in a recent article.

I do want to see a health study done, but not the way in which it has been
proposed. A health study should never be included in a CACO. The EPA even
objected to that fact in their comments on the consent order. Have you
read their comments? If not, and you would like to read them, they are posted
on our web page at www.trwnews.org .

Why has the health study been included in the CACO? Because Dow knew that
people are anxious to proceed with a health study and would possibly be
willing to go along with the consent order in order to have it.

Doesn't an alarm bell go off in your head when any one would want to raise
acceptable levels of one of the most toxic substances known to man from
90 to 831????? That is such a significant increase.
Does it not make you suspicious that all levels found in Midland
conveniently fall below that level?

People in Pensacola, Florida were RELOCATED when levels of 200 ppt were
found around their homes.

Scientifically, were you aware that the community and river group are not
a large enough population to make this study "scientific" ? When the health
study is finished, it will automatically be classified as inconclusive
because of the lack of a large enough study group. Therefore, nothing will
be required from Dow. But in the mean time, they got the clean up level
raised so they need not take action on that either.

Do you honestly think a multi-billion dollar corporation has the publics
best interest in mind when they could potentially have to spend billions
of dollars to clean up their mess? This has happened all over the world with
large corporations and the outcome is always the same. Until a federal
court makes them clean it up, they use every strategy possible to avoid & delay
the inevitable.

The same thing is happening right now in Anniston, Alabama with the
Monsanto corporation over PCB's. They used the same tactics Dow is using now to
raise acceptable levels and control a health study.

I feel our community leaders are failing us miserably by not informing the
public of the current independent scientific evidence that is out there on
dioxin. Why have we heard nothing from MDCH? Why can't we wait and have
the consent order signed in February. That certainly is not that much of a
delay. It is because Granholm would never allow it. With all the controversy
surrounding this, there has got to be a better reason than the DEQ is
giving for signing the order before the end of the year. Don't you think?

There should definitely be a health study, but not connected to an order
that would raise acceptable levels of dioxin to the highest in the

Kathy Henry

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