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Kathy Henry 11/15/02

I cannot believe what I have read in the Saginaw news November 11. Our Department of Environmental Quality is apparently cutting some kind of deal with Dow chemical to raise acceptable dioxin levels in Midland from 90 ppt. to 831 ppt? I guess now I can personally say that I have completely lost all faith and trust in our government. Are they out of their minds? If this proposal goes through, what kind of precedent will this set for the entire Saginaw Bay watershed including the Tittabawassee river. This is not just a Midland problem people. Where do you think the dioxin goes after it leaves the Tittabawassee river? To the Saginaw Bay which I believe Bay City draws their drinking water from. Every time it floods, this stuff is getting flushed out into the bay. This is not just a Midland/Tittabawassee river problem. For those of you that are skeptical about the harmful effects of dioxin, I urge you to please educate yourselves before it is too late and the deal is done. There are countless articles on the internet about this subject. If this stuff is so harmless, why did the state tell river property owners to wear protective face masks, gloves and protective clothing when working in their yards? AND TO LEAVE THESE ITEMS OUT SIDE OF OUR HOUSES? The only way to stop this is for our communities to get involved. Without objections from each and every one of us, Dow will have their way, we will continue to live in a toxic environment, and the state will stand by and do nothing for the people that they are suppose to protect. I urge everyone to attend the public meetings, voice their outrage and continue to do so until the state does what it is suppose to do for us. The next meeting is November 21, at the H.H. Dow High school at 7:00 pm. This is a critical meeting that could effect the tri cities for decades to come. Kathy Henry, Freeland

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