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Kathy Miller  11/11/05, reader opinion to MDN article 11/10/05

OK, I live about a mile and a quarter down river of the Caldwell boat launch. I have lived here over 25 years. Fred Stoll is my neighbor. We have always carried our water because we fear the water to drink isnt safe.

In a nut shell what I want to know is this, Can someone explain to me all of my neighbors who have died of lung cancer, ovarian cancer, and breast cancer??? I am relatively young at 50, I have had cancer. My neighbor around the corner 2 years younger than I has also had cancer. I myself would feel better if someone would focus more on people and less on fish, turkeys, and the wildlife that lives on or in the river.

What I would like to know is " Is it safe to live here???"

Mrs. Kathy Miller

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