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Kathy Henry 05/27/04

Reader opinon on Midland Daily News article Residents pack MCFTA to hear dioxin answers

Date: May, 27 2004 I find it interesting that the writer of this article refers to DEQ science as "philosophies".

I cannot rationalize in my mind why people in Midland would be against cleaning up the 3-4" of topsoil to eliminate the dioxin. It is such an easy solution, and the contamination would be gone. GONE. No more debate or questions. The end. And people are jumping the gun by saying 8000 properties would be affected. You don't know that until the area is tested. Think of all the jobs that would be created in the clean-up project. I sure wish the answer could be that simple for us river residents who's backyards flood with storm water from Midland during heavy rain. The ONLY negative impact I can see is it would cost Dow a few million dollars and shareholders profits would not be as big for a few years. Sounds like a fair trade off for an uncontaminated community to me.

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