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Kathy Henry, 02/10/08, TRW

The local poor cancer risk 1 in 25 from eating Saginaw River fish

At the dioxin public meeting this past Thursday held in Saginaw, a Health Consultation report was released by MDCH in a cooperative agreement with ATSDR evaluating Saginaw River dioxin exposures and health risk.

There is a population here, the poor, uneducated Saginaw East side community who regularly fish and feed their families all species of fish from the Saginaw River including catfish and carp. When asked about the fish advisories, over 1/2 of these individuals did not even know there were advisories.

MDCH consultation concluded that this population has a 1 in 25 cancer risk. 1 in 25

A Dow supporter stood up and asked if this consultation had been peer reviewed. Stunning.

Of course, this did not make the news the next day as the Shiver on the River fishing contest comes to a conclusion this weekend.

And the Saginaw Chamber of commerce is up in arms about an accidental document released by EPA to The Lone Tree Council that paints Dow in a bad light, and is calling for an investigation.

Kathy Henry, TRW

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