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Kathy Henry, 11/19/06, Letter to the editor, Saginaw News

Protecting Property

In response to Dr. Neill Varner's recent comments and labeling of The Lone Tree Council and litigants views as extreme, he failed to point out that one of the most famous contamination tragedies, Love Canal, was determined as successfully "cleaned up" in the past couple of years.  It was a great expense, but also of great benefit to that community. 

High concentrations found in the river shift with each new flood.  Unless it is pulled out at the same time, testing is futile.  But it is cheaper to just keep testing.
Considering that half of one single dioxin exposure is still in our bodies 7 to 10 years after that exposure, and can potentially alter most of our hormones and cause cancer, it is quite reasonable to want it cleaned up. We can't say second hand smoke and lead have that same potential.
We "litigants" have every right to try and protect our home investments and health from this exposure.. We live here 24/7 and have a 28% higher level in our blood than the control group. Age was given as the reason in the Dow funded study, but I understand that the difference was only a 4 years.
The whitewashing of this problem by the company, local politicians and community leaders is disgraceful.  I never gave Dow permission to trespass on my land and body with their dangerous chemical, and to suggest that it's draconian to expect them to do something about it, is draconian in itself.
Kathy Henry

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