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Kathy Henry, 10/15/06, Letter to the editor, Saginaw News

Dioxin votes

Editor, The News:

I would like to remind the citizens of Saginaw County about our current elected Republican officials and what they have done for Tittabawassee River flood plain residents and the dioxin issue.

A few years back, a small group of us asked our local officials for help because the Dow Chemical Co. had contaminated our homes and land with dangerous levels of dioxin. The company denied it at the time, while officials at the Michigan Department of Community Health told us it was not safe for children to play in our yards, and we should wear a mask when mowing our lawns.

Republican state Rep. Roger Kahn of Saginaw Township told us the issue was "too hot of a potato" and would not help us. He now runs for the Michigan Senate.

State Rep. John Moolenaar, Republican of Midland, threatened the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality for informing residents that we were now part of Dow's "facility" because of the contamination, saying he would seek to eliminate the entire department of hazardous waste. He cut the director of that department's salary by 15 percent for what they did. He seeks re-election.

Republican Saginaw County Commissioner Ken Horn, who is now running for state representative, helped pass a resolution in favor of lifting the facility label from flood plain properties, that would relieve Dow Chemical of responsibility for the contamination.

Kahn and Moolenaar still are working to pass similar legislation, even though the governor already turned it down once, saying it was not protective of human health.

It's on the back burner until after the elections.

I am tired of our elected officials representing giant corporations instead of ordinary citizens. We need a breath of fresh air. Something really stinks here.

Kathy Henry


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