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Kathy Henry, 06/10/07, Letter to the editor, Saginaw News

... or not good news

Editor, The News:

I hope residents along the Tittabawassee River are not fooled by the spin Dow Chemical Co. is using to downplay that residents are indeed picking up Dow dioxin from the environment simply by living there.

Spokesperson John Musser of Dow stated "that soil isn't a major contributor (of dioxin blood contamination)."

But it is a contributing factor nonetheless, and Musser's comment is a low blow to the river community.

And is the fact that residents who also eat fish and wild game from the area have even higher levels of Dow's dioxin supposed to be of comfort? I can't imagine why anyone would be happy about that.

The National Academy of Science stated last year that there is no safe level of dioxin in humans.

Trying to pass this off as good news to our community should be criminalized.

Kathy Henry


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