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Letter to the editor Saginaw News 4/7/04

Protecting our interests

Editor, The News:

In response to recent letters and articles about dioxin in The Saginaw News:

The lawsuit or publicity are not responsible for declining property values or people's health concerns. Dow and dioxin have done this. Don't shoot the messenger.

In the beginning, I did not want to accept the fact that our home and property was contaminated either. But the fact is, we are a hazardous waste facility, thanks to Dow.

We did not file a lawsuit out of greed, but are merely trying to protect ourselves from financial devastation as a result of the contamination. I cannot speak for others, but my husband and I have poured our life savings in to our home. I think we all know we are not going to "get rich" from this.

I believe very few people could afford to fight Dow on a "one-on-one" basis. Class-action litigation is the best answer for the river community. Those who don't agree, don't have to join the suit.

As to comments that the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality, the Environmental Protection Agency and World Health Organization are spewing "junk science" is unbelievable. Should we believe them or Dow?

Until Dow dredges the river and cleans up the mess they made, we will always be a "facility." It is Michigan law. Letters to Gov. Granholm will not change this.

Kathy Henry



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