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Kathy Henry, 02/05/06, letter to the editor, Saginaw News 2/5/06

A good year soiled?

Editor, The News:

As I write this, I am watching yet another flood (although minor) cover my backyard on the Tittabawassee River. No doubt, it is depositing a fresh layer of dioxin-contaminated soil, compliments of the Dow Chemical Co.

In front of me sits the Feb. 1 edition of The Saginaw News with the wonderful headline, "Dow donating $100M," and the observation that the company had, "A good year, to say the least."

I think it is wonderful that corporations that are doing well share the wealth, donate to charities and have a philanthropic nature. But for Dow to claim that it is a good corporate citizen -- shouldn't it be doing something more significant in taking responsibility for the nests it has fouled?

A caring company should be bothered by the fact that because of its dioxin, most species of fish and wild game in our watershed are not safe to eat. The Michigan Department of Community Health has warned flood plain residents it is not safe for children to play in their yards.

I could be wrong, but I guess $100 million buys a lot more positive public relations given to nonprofit groups than taking responsibility for poisoning our watershed.

What a shame.

Kathy Henry

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