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Kathy Henry, 01/21/08, Letter to the editor, Saginaw News

Dow must step up

Editor, The News:

Here we go again. Jan. 4, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency stopped trying to negotiate with Dow Chemical Co. regarding its dioxin contamination of the Tittabawassee-Saginaw River-Bay watershed over key issues that are paramount for protecting human health and the environment.

A Saginaw News editorial recently stated that it was sick and tired of the situation and wondered what it is the EPA and state Department of Environmental Quality want from Dow.

Dow knows exactly what it needs to do, but it negotiated in bad faith with these agencies in an attempt to save its bottom line. It's a lot cheaper to build a ball park and put its name on local buildings.

There is no one more sick and tired of this issue than the Tittabawassee River residents. We have been forced to live on contaminated land while Dow repeatedly continues to skirt its responsibilities. Most of us can't afford to just pack up and leave.

Enough is enough. If this community ever wants this to go away, the issue needs to be addressed and taken care of by Dow. Until then, we will continue to be known as the most contaminated site ever recorded in the U.S.

This is a reputation Dow created here, and it must step up and accept responsibility for it by cleaning it up, if for no other reason than to protect human health.

That once was worth something.

Kathy Henry



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