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Kathy Henry, 07/26/05, reader opinion to MDN editorial 07/26/05

I think the city of Midland needs to pull their heads out of the sand. It is reasonable that if a person living down wind of the Dow incinerators neighbor has high levels on their property, it is reasonable to conclude that the neighbors property is high, too. As far as I know, contamination from a waste incinerator doesn't selectively fall on designated properties. The same with the river. If I have 1300 ppt on my property, the neighbors on either side of me with basically the exact same type of back yard, that floods the exact same way mine does, would reasonably have the same kind of levels. Dah. I'm surprised you all haven't taken it one step further by now, and demand every square inch be tested first.

The DEQ has first rate scientists and geologists doing this work, and I am sure their intention is not to destroy a city or community. They are trying to protect public health and the environment. If the city or Dow has a problem with an area DEQ reasonably concludes is contaminated, let them test it to prove the state wrong. Stop wasting our tax payers money.

Why Midland is trying so hard to continue being poisoned is beyond me.

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