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Joel Weiss, 11/03/05, reader opinion to MDN article 11/03/05

I'm a little concerned about Bill 390 simply because I don't understand how owners of contaminated property are being served well. I grow weary watching legislators like Rep. Moolenar continually push bad policy when the best interest of the legislation is for the polluters who delay their cleanup as much as they can. At what point does the price we pay with our health and livelyhood begin to count? I've never asked to have my property polluted, and if that occurred, I think the parties responsible should remediate the problems at my earliest convenience not theirs. When the contamination that the DEQ has already tested for is tremendously widespread, why must homeowners wait a minute longer before each and every property is individually tested before the risks that can logically be assumed is there is ultimately cleaned up? Years past, corporations polluted our water, air and land without a second thought, we're not in a day and age anymore where this is remotely acceptable.

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