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John Taylor letter to the editor, Saginaw News, 07/26/05 (not posted on-line)

Protect Public

Regarding the July 20 article, "DEQ" tries to clarify polluted property criteria":

It is unbelievable the maneuvering Dow Chemical Co. is doing at all levels of government to keep from being held responsible for the toxins it has dumped for countless years in the Tittabawassee River floodplain.  It is not just the riverfront property owners who are in jeopardy from dioxin, but anyone who even does such a simple thing as wade in the water along the shore of the Saginaw Bay.

I find it incredible that the bill by Rep. John Moolenaar, Republican of Midland, even made it past the House.

Dioxin is among the most toxic substances ever made.  Why would anyone attempt to do anything that may in any way place more people in harm's way?

This is an attempt to take more rights away from the citizens of this state and place more authority in the hands of government.

I will never understand why anyone would fight so hard to poison themselves and others.  The residents along the river and in the Great Lakes need more protection, not less, and we do not need to have the one agency that is able to do something to protect us hamstrung more than it already is

We need protection, not deception.

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