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John Taylor, 1/6/08, Letter to the editor, Saginaw News

Where's connection?

Editor, The News:

Recently I read an article in The Saginaw News where the city's beloved Chamber of Commerce is now demanding that the Department of Environmental Quality quit, be eliminated, step aside (the dioxin cleanup) because the EPA is now more aggressively involved.

I am trying to figure out in what capacity the Chamber of Commerce is acting to demand such a move. Saginaw is a city with a river named after it. TheDow Event Center has Dow's name on it for the tidy sum of $2.5 million over 10 years. That is the only connection to the pollution that is physically visible.

Ever since the revelation of this dioxin contamination, Saginaw and county officials have done everything in their power to alleviate as much responsibility from Dow as possible. I can not recall a single statement from any Saginaw city official or county official that was in defense of the residents who are still at great risk due to our continued exposure to the dioxin.

So I ask, in what capacity is the chamber making such a demand to remove the DEQ from the dioxin crisis?

The DEQ has to date been the only state agency able to address this crisis for the benefit of the residents even in its diminished capacity due to the actions of our legislators. It was very thoughtful of the Lansing legislators to cut the DEQ director's salary and also cut some of the DEQ staff.

In what capacity is the chamber acting?

John Taylor

Thomas Township

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