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John Taylor 2/28/03

Hello Linda, Brendon and Andy  (MDEQ employees).

This is just a note to make a comment on a news story I just witnessed on TV5 here in Saginaw. In light of the fact that both of your Departments are extremely strapped for money to do virtually any thing of any magnitude to address the crisis here in regards to the Dioxin contamination it was just revealed that there is a $2 million dollar State Grant being issued to Saginaw to develop the waterfront for boating and fishing. This would seem to me to be an excellent time to put your intentions here into high gear to educate our local governments about the true nature of dioxin. I am dumbfounded that a state that is as broke as this one is can find the funds to support a project that will ultimately put more people in harms way. It would appear that Dow has also educated our state government officials with the same success they have our local ones. This is insane. This $2 million could go a long way towards educating our local officials and residents. It might be a good idea to sponsor a dirt eating contest for all these government officials and Dow representatives that seem to believe this stuff is harmless. The ignorance here is more apparent every day.


John Taylor   TRW

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