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John Taylor 11/07/04

I must say though that I find all this behind door negotiations very disturbing. And after being silent for so long, I felt compelled to state how I feel. The license, as I read it, is very explicit and Dow agreed to it when it was signed. They are, without question, obligated to clean up this river and flood plain. There is nothing in it about negotiating anything. Just clean it up.

And also since the Governor sees fit to even allow what appears to me as illegal negotiations, why aren't we as residents being asked to participate? This is nothing less than having a murderer sitting in the jury box at his own trial. We are the " Stake Holders " in this situation. The only stake Dow has in this is the inevitable expense that is going to be their burden for the entire cleanup. Dow knowingly put the Dioxin here and continued to do so even when they knew without any doubt that it is the most toxic substance they have ever seen. Their statement, 1964. We now appear to be nothing more than pawns for this administration and Dow. Dow agreed to the language in the license, now let them fulfill their obligation.

Many of us are becoming very disenchanted with this administration. What we are receiving now is not what we were promised when the Governor was running for office. At this time I wouldn't know how to act if something was presented from this administration that was unquestionably for the benefit and welfare of the residents and public at large regarding the Dioxin disaster here. Dow has no respect for human life. They have made that very clear with all the manipulation, maneuvering and deception they have done.

Early on they started with a bunch of false statements in a news letter they were mailing periodically and News articles they had printed that were presented by VP Sue Carrington. Where is she now? Now we have a Dow Dioxin Event Center in Saginaw. They bought a name for several million dollars. Next I see a school "enthusiasm award" co sponsored by Dow and WNEM TV 5. The City of Saginaw I am sure, is very grateful for the funds. The Governor's office has allowed the DEQ and the MDCH to become more or less impotent due to a sudden lack of funds. This would appear to be a little corruption on the part of our House and Senate to see to it that the life blood is virtually squeezed out of these agencies.

Mr. Chester, you and the Governor are both attorneys and I was honored to meet you when you were first appointed. You struck me as being a very honorable man, as did the Governor when she was running. But what is happening now is a travesty of justice that will benefit nobody but Dow. Dow's poison has literally seeped into every pore of society and politics in this country and those of you that are in office as representatives of us appear to be powerless to do anything to protect us. If I am wrong, I do apologize. But since these events have taken the path they have, I don't believe I am wrong. I would very much welcome something encouraging for us, not our demise.


John Taylor

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