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Joana Kanuszewski, 11/17/05, Letter to the Editor Saginaw News

Who's looking out for people?

Thursday, November 17, 2005 Editor, The News:

It appears to me the Saginaw County Board of Commissioners is not clear on how bad Dow Chemical's dioxin contamination is along the rivers. Trying to sweep this issue under the rug will not make it go away.

Why aren't our elected officials demanding that Dow clean it up?

I have raised my family near Green Point in the city, and it sickens me that families are forced, year after year, to raise their kids in this mess.

I want to thank Rep. Carl Williams, Democrat of Saginaw, for opposing the legislation that would remove the facility label in the law that holds Dow Chemical responsible.

As for the county commissioners ... who are they really looking out for? It surely isn't the people of Saginaw.

Joana Kanuszewski


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