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Greg Whitney 3/4/03

Mr. Neiderhauser,

I'm a cross country coach at Swan Valley H.S.and my team runs meets at the
park.I'm very troubled about the mixed messages that I'm getting about the
DIOXIN contamination at the park.The signs posted in the park say basically
(stay away from the river bank). What about the rest of the park? From the
maps I have seen,almost the whole park is contaminated! In my efforts to get
all the info I could I have found out that the health department is not
giving out all the correct info.Why is this?You can get DIOXIN poisoning in
more ways then eating the dirt.My sources ( Dr Linda Dykema from
MDCH-Dr.Rosenman Expert for toxic substances Michigan State University- the
people at ATSDR Atlanta Georgia-and the MDEQ.If these experts are saying
these signs are not sufficient why do you say otherwise?I am very concerned
for my runners and would like to know the truth.If you do not know the truth
about Dioxin I suggest you call experts like I have so we can protect our
public.If the Health Department is witholding info for another agenda this
could be a major liability problem.What should I be saying to my athletes
and parents? Your answers would be greatly appreciated.

                                              Greg Whitney
                                              Head Cross Country Coach
                                              Swan Valley H.S.
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