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Gary Henry, 09/23/07 published in "My Views" of the Saginaw News

Remove dioxin and restore the river

I live on the river and have a large number of mature trees along the riverbank. My property has been tested and found to have dioxin levels in excess of 1000 ppt. Would I consider removing trees to resolve the problem? The answer is a qualified yes. Will I miss them? Yes. Then why would I consent?

If one where to believe all the spin from Dow influenced local bureaucrats and media, dioxin is nothing to worry about. If you want the truth, look outside the Tri-cities and you will find the rest of the world is very concerned and is taking action to clean up sites with levels as low as 100 ppt. Some of us have over 1,000 times that much in our backyards. I will miss the trees. However, when the cleanup is complete I will have a much clearer view of a thriving and pristine river.

Gary Henry

Freeland Michigan

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