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4/20/04 Garabrant's not listening


Dr. Garabrant may be to close to the forest to see the trees.  Recent correspondence between the MDCH/ATSDR and Dr. Garabrant  reveals a fundamental flaw in his  study that has nothing to do with the technical details:  Lack of trust.  

The MDCH and ATSDR deal with chemical companies every day and are quite familiar with the method and tactics used to create studies which complicate and confuse the issue at hand [More].  The comments by the MDCH and ATSDR on the proposed study are intended to put public trust back into the study and it's outcome.   Dr. Garabrant's arrogant response to oversight issues seems to be  promoting the agenda of a silent partner (Dow?).  Why does he care?  Is not public health the issue here?  Garabrant's recent response only confirms what the public suspects, the deck will be stacked in favor of industry and the outcome predetermined.   Garabrants observations that the MPHI has ties to the MDCH is correct. And it is being done for a good reason:  public trust. 

My recommendation to Dr. Garabrant: accept the ATSDR and MDCH recommendations pertaining the the MPHI, SAB, and CAP.  Once this is done, all the issues with the technical details can be worked out in an environment favoring the protection of the public rather than Dow profits.  Anything else is unacceptable.     Gary Henry TRW

ATSDR/MDCH comments on Garabrant study   Garabrant response to ATSDR/MDCH comments

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