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Fred Stoll, 06/30/05, reader opinion to MDN article 06/30/05

Have you noticed how the same cast of characters always supports the anti-cleanup pro-dioxin cause, over the very health of our community? One has to wonder if this support is political payback for campaign donations, I know I wonder that and I wonder a few other things too.

The Midland city and county official that said "it ruins property values and casts a negative stigma on entire communities." is wrong.

This law wasn't the cause of those events, it is the dioxin on those properties that ruined the value and it is the lack of cleanup by the source company that casts a negative stigma.

One company could improve both of these conditions, but to date, has failed every chance they were given to do that.

Mr. Moolenaar talks about due process rights, whose due process rights is he talking about? Why are the rights of the source company more important than innocent property owner’s rights to enjoy their property free of harmful dioxins?

How long will the residents of Midland put themselves and their families at risk so a company can make larger profits? I hope they don’t’ wait till it harms them or their families, because by that time, it will be too late.

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