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Fred Stoll  May 19, 2005 in response to MDN article: Hearing for dioxin facility bill set for Tuesday

John Moolenaar is no friend to us. Once again his primary concern is helping Dow.

Why would any elected official want to do away with this law? I wish this law was in place when I bought my property. I wouldn't be in the situation I am now. I would not have endangered myself and family by purchasing land that is polluted with dioxins.

In reference to what Kathy Henry said, I do feel that the City of Midland and Dow conspired to defraud many people over the years. It seems that some of our elected state officials are more than happy to help in this endeavor.

In my opinion, it appears that Mr. John Moolenaar seems to think it is fine for others to commit fraud in order to protect land values. What has he done to help the many victims that Dow has created? Time and time again he has turned his back on them. Mr. Stamas hasnít been much better either. One could make an argument that they are just stooges for Dow Chemical; bought and paid for with campaign donations.

They have not learned that doing something wrong, is still wrong even if it is disguise as a law.

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