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Fred Stoll, reader opinion to MDN 01/30/05 article and Bill Egerer opinion

Fred Stoll Jan, 31 2005 I find it ironic that Mr. Egerer finds fault that no comments were reported, much like he protrays to represent all of Midland. He does not speak for me, nor does MDN.

He talks about extremists, he pretends to know what is best for the people of Midland. I ask him .. Does he live in one of the high priority areas?

Dioxin is dangerous, I don't know what is more dangerous Dioxin or people like Mr. Egerer running around saying mistruths and out right lies. So, in the future Mr. Egerer do not speak for me about something you have proven that you can not be fair or correct about.

Have a nice day and Midland does Matter to everyone, not just you.

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