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David Linhardt response to MDN 04/17/05 article

Reader Opinions:

The "access" to the public forum that the MDN gives to those that believe that "dioxins are our friends" while denying that same access to others that believe that dioxins are harmful to the health of Midland and riveside residents clearly demonstrates the bias that the MDN has shown in its reporting of these issues.

While dioxin "supporters" are allowed to express their very lengthy opinions in the printed issues, critics are generally relegated to e-mail responses which are not widely read by Midland subscribers.

Before we place too much reliance on the wisdom of the MDN in scientific matters, let's all remember that the MDN was a strong supporter of the failed nuclear power plant, as was a certain large employer.

The MDN "legacy" -- supporting nuclear power, afraid to challenge "we love dioxins" and de-facto censorship.

The MDN is part of the Hearst Corporation. William Randolph Hearst may have had many faults -- cowardice was not one of them.

David Linhardt


Formerly of Midland

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