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David Linhardt 02/11/05 in response to Midland Daily News article

David Linhardt Feb, 11 2005

Dr. Young may not be aware of some information that seems to dispute the general tone of his presentation.

1. The National Academy, Institute of Medicine has concluded, in its study of the effects of Agent Orange on Vietnam veterans, that there is "Sufficient Evidence of an Association" between TCDD exposure and (a)chronic lymphocytic leukemia, (b) soft-tissue sarcoma, (c) non-Hodgkin's lymphoma, (d) Hodgkin's disease and (e) chloracne. Out of these diseases, chloracne is the only one that might not be fatal.

2. In 1984, the EPA found levels of TCDD in Midland Plant soils as high as 36,000 ppt and levels as high as 2,700 ppt in Midland City soils. Since it is generally recognized that TCDD emissions from the Midland Plant waste incinerators were dramatically reduced after 1968, apparently 16 years of photodegradation is not as effctive in destroying TCDD as the few hours that Dr. Young reported.

Rather than dispute Mr. Doan's statement that there is no proof that dioxin causes cancer in humans, I found like to offer a quote that he may remember, "Society takes action only when gangrene sets in." - HD Doan.

David Linhardt


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