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David Linhardt, 08/30/05


As many of you know, portions of Nitro, WV are contaminated with dioxins that are associated with emissions from a Monsanto 245-TCP/245-T manufacturing plant. Some of the Nitro residents have recently filed a lawsuit against Monsanto claiming economic harm resulting from property values loss.

The Nitro, WV School Board voted to allow parents concerned about dioxin levels in elementary and high schools to relocate their children to other schools. A scan of a newspaper article is attached.

It is doubtful if the Midland School Board would take or even consider such an action without a great deal of pressure from parents with children in certain schools.

My suggestions as to which Midland schools would be a "Priority 1" school :
1. Longview E.S.
2. Carpenter E.S.
3. Central Intermediate
4. Eastlawn E.S.
5. Parkdale E.S.
6. Midland H.S.

There is very little information about dioxin levels in these schools -- a small amount of surrounding soil data but no information on dioxin levels in the schools, especially in the heating/cooling ducts.
All of my remaining friends in Midland no longer have children in school -- a few have grandchildren. It might be appropriate if any readers that know someone with children in Midland schools past this information on to them

Dave Linhardt

For more information see www.dioxinspin.com

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