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Deepak Dighe 12/09/07, Letter to the TRW News

Subject: Dioxin - Tittabawassee River

Dear Ms. Lam,
First of all, I am surprised that your company even allowed you write about Dioxin problem caused by Dow Chemical and General Motors. 
Similar to Hudson River poisoning caused by General Electric, Dow and General Motors, both have systematically avoided the responsibilities to clean up the polluted river even though a proven technology has been successfully developed and demonstrated to remove dioxin and other dangerous chemicals from river beds. With support from Bush-Chenney gang, who backs industries in stone-walling serious issues, corporations like GE, GM and DOW are getting away with murders of Michigan residents because they avoid financial responsibilities using lame excuses. 
For information of the affected Michigan residents, and you, Westinghouse Plasma Company demonstrated to GE and State of New York how silt from Hudson river bed can be safely incinerated using high temperature plasma technology, and converted in to harmless inert silica which can be used for land fill, roads, paver tiles etc. Yet, GE continues to fight New York State and EPA, for one simple reason, i.e. corporate profits. It is my understanding that same technology was offered to Dow Chemical and GM by Westinghouse Plasma Company few year back, but same cost avoiding tactics were used by Dow and GM.
Ms. Lam, as long as Republicans are in the white house, corporations like GE, Dow and GM will continue to get away with murder, and you and your company (Gannett) will be stopped from further investigation!!
Do you care and do you have the courage to take on giant corporations?
Deepak Dighe
Novi Michigan

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