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Chad M.Schaeding 03/06/06, comment to TRW

Dow chemist adjust data to their desired results


I lived in a house next to the river until the flood forced my family to
relocate.  I use to play in and near the river as a young child and I am
concerned with the effects that dioxins have not only on the health of
individuals but also the gross negligence of Dow and the potential for
continued contamination if actions are not brought against them.

I have recently finished research at Ferris State University that might
suggest that the impact of contamination might exceed the current boundaries
tested for dioxins.  The research on 'Evaluating Quality in Large Scale
Drainage Analysis' was just awarded by the National Society of Professional
Surveyors as the student project of the year.  To summarize, watershed and
basin modeling is a complicated process that is not well understood, but
what is understood is that very small errors in data used can lead to very
large error in modeling the limits of flooding, i.e. contamination.  This is
of greatest concern in areas or low slope gradient, flat areas, as is the
case for the entire Saginaw Watershed including the TRW.

Until all of the information is analyzed in an unbiased scientific study I
would be cautious for a quick judgment.  It is common knowledge that the
FEMA FIRM maps are inaccurate and will provide false results for any
modeling based on them.  Although survey data and contours are important,
but they are only a small portion of the required information to model the
contamination and is possible impact and extents.

I am a concerned citizen and would like to help other who live and have
lived in the TRW.  I believe that for now the best way to help is to gather
photographs, from the 1986 flood in addition to photographs of normal water
levels, as evidence to show the extent of the flooding.  Dow has scientist
and engineers adjusting the data to their desired results and believe that
environmental groups should do the same.

Chad M. Schaeding

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