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Carol Chisholm, 01/11/0/, Letter to the editor, Saginaw News

 Editor, The News:

Dow intransigence creates questions

The dioxin and furan contamination is decades old. Dow has admitted it is a result of the processes it has used in the past. Most of all, everyone involved realizes that it is a public health issue.

My questions are, ''Why are the talks behind closed doors?'' ''Doesn't the public have a right to know about those things that affect their health and property values?''

The 60-day timeline became 90 days and the 90 days became ... Sounds like the Delphi bankruptcy in which the employees got their wages cut in half and the CEO gets $83 million. Another example of the power of the corporations. The average citizen ends up paying for the mistakes and deceitful acts of the corporate management.

The Dow spokesman was not surprised by the EPA's move, but was disappointed with the termination of the talks. Was that because Dow is not doing what is good for the public health? What is considered beyond reasonable when it comes to public health and a polluter?

Drag it out long enough and maybe the public will get tired of it and forget. People must realize that this does not only affect us along the flood plain, it also affects the entire watershed. How many people are aware that when the bridge at Tittabawassee and Midland was being rebuilt, before the dioxin contamination was made public, tons of soil from the Tittabawassee was relocated. My understanding is that it was used as fill-in.

And, it is not known where all the soil went. Because it had not been declared contaminated, no one had to keep track of where it was placed. Could your children be playing in a yard contaminated by dioxins that cause cancer and birth defects?

Rep. Ken Horn blames the EPA for not accepting Dow's offer. Is he really concerned for the health of the public? What about property values of those who live on the flood plain? Does he own property along the rivers?

When are the people going to be put ahead of corporate greed and pandering by our public officials?

Carol Chisholm

Saginaw Township

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