Editor: The Saginaw News: 12/18/03

The Dec. 12 article, "Crops safe; don't eat livestock" states that the federal government pays "rent" to farmers who agree to take farmland out of production and plant trees or turn it into wetlands.

Our tax dollars will be used to reduce the negative effects of dioxins, which were put in the Tittabawassee River by Dow. Dioxin is not just a problem in the Tittabawassee River and floodplain, but also the Saginaw River and the Saginaw Bay.

When will Dow be held accountable for its actions, instead of the public paying the price in dollars and health?

The people pay for Dow's actions in many ways, while Dow's stockholders and management continues to reap the benefits of their lack of concern for the rest of us.

As a concerned resident with land on the floodplain, I think it is time for Dow to own up to their actions and pay to clean up the dioxin contamination.

Carol Chisholm

Saginaw Township




Source: Saginaw News

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