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Vito and Betty Damore  09/23/04

To the Editor: Saginaw News

In regards to the article, "Event Center renamed" on Sept. 15:  I and many others in this county are outraged with the Saginaw County Board of Commissioner's decision to accept Dow Chemical's $2.5 million over the next 10 years for the naming rights.

It was stated "the county looked for a Fortune 500 American-owned company that makes products in the U.S. that improve the quality of life."

Dow has not been responsible in improving the quality of life.  What abut our lives, our health, and being able to use our property as we see fit?  Dow Chemical has taken that away with their dioxin contamination.  Dow has contaminated the entire watershed, from Midland County to the Saginaw Bay, and contaminated the wildlife along this region.

Dow's corporate neglect also encompasses millions globally.  If you were to ask those individuals living in Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Philippines, Vietnam, Italy, India, New Zealand, and in Louisiana, their answers would be no.

Why is it that Dow has given Saginaw County Public Health Department $25,000 for their 75th Jubilee, $40,000 to Tittabawassee Township park for new playground equipment, and now $2.5 million to rename the Event Center in Saginaw County?

Why hasn't Dow used it's resources to rectify the deficiencies addressed by the Department of Environmental Quality?  Dow has been given more than enough time.  It needs to step up to the plate and be the responsible corporate citizen it says it is.

The bottom line is Dow Chemical denies its responsibility by using various tactics.  With one being, "Green is good, Green is friendly, Green is the color of money"

Vito and Betty Damore

Thomas Township

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