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Compiled December 2001

Role in backlash movement: Industry flack.

Overview :"Junkman" Steven Milloy has made a career of lobbying for polluting industries, heading corporate front groups to deny environmental concerns, and ridiculing individual environmentalists on behalf of corporate interests. In the world according to Milloy, any scientific study that does not support the world view where all chemicals are safe is "junk science", all environmentalists are alarmist, and pollution and second hand smoke are harmless. The labels fly fast and furious, regardless of where the scientific mainstream falls on an issue and regardless of what point we are at in the scientific discovery process.

Interestingly, Milloy denies he was ever a lobbyist. In 1998, while executive director of the Advancement of Sound Science Coalition, he replied to an inquiry into whether he was a lobbyist: "I do not lobby for ANYONE. Before I became executive director of TASSC, I did some technical consulting for a D.C. firm which had the policy of registering all its employees and consultants as lobbyists (whether or not they lobbied) pursuant to a new law passed in 1995. I am aware of the listing and have asked it to be corrected since I no longer work for that firm. I challenge anyone to produce any evidence that I have ever lobbied any government official for anything."

However, Milloy shows up in federal lobbyist registration data for 1997 as having lobbying expenditures on his behalf, indicating his firm, the EOP Group, believed him to be an active lobbyist, "technical" or otherwise. The same federal records indicate Milloy represented the American Petroleum Institute, FMC Corp, Fort Howard, International Food Additives Council, and Monsanto. Interestingly, according to these records, Milloy lobbied for Monsanto on the subject of "food safety and labeling", which is lobbyist speak for "biotech foods". (Center for Responsive Politics, Lobbyist Database) According to the Washington Representatives, Milloy was still registered as a lobbyist with the EOP Group in 1999, with the American Petroleum Institute and FMC Corp listed as clients. (1999 Washington Representatives).

According to Milloy's official biography, Milloy holds a B.A. in Natural Sciences from The Johns Hopkins University, a Master of Health Sciences in Biostatistics from The Johns Hopkins University School of Hygiene and Public Health, a Juris Doctorate from the University of Baltimore, and a Master of Laws from the Georgetown University Law Center.

About and Citizens for the Integrity of Science (CFIS)

Since 1996, has listed links to current articles on many environmental and public health issues, with running commentary courtesy of the "junkman".

Milloy defines Junk science as "bad science used by lawsuit-happy trial lawyers, the 'food police,' environmental Chicken Littles, power-drunk regulators, and unethical-to-dishonest scientists to fuel specious lawsuits, wacky social and political agendas, and the quest for personal fame and fortune." (

Though Milloy refuses to disclose organizational details such as who pays his bills, there are a few things we know about Milloy's outfit: Though there is no contact information other than an email on the web site, is registered to Milloy Inc, at the same address as the EOP Group, the lobbying firm in Washington, DC. where Milloy was registered as a lobbyist . However, the phone number for is registered to "Advancement of Sound Science Coalition" (a well exposed corporate front group and a former project of the EOP Group) at 1155 Connecticut Ave NW, Suite 300 in Washington, DC. This is the same phone number and address Milloy has used for the Citizens for the Integrity of Science,,, and of course, the defunct Advancement of Sound Science Coalition. The fax number used on numerous press releases over the years is "an interoffice fax" at 1155 Connecticut Ave NW,. according to a simple internet search.

Milloy's Citizens for the Integrity of Science, (CFIS) the supposed organization that sponsors Milloy's page, does not exist in IRS records as a non-profit (as of fall 2001), though by using a "" web address, non-profit status is suggested. Why wouldn't Milloy register his "" as a non-profit? Non-profits are subject to certain pesky rules of public disclosure- information that could be damaging to and the Citizens for the Integrity of Sceince's credibility. Thus, we are missing the elusive pieces of evidence we need: a solid money trail, names of board members, articles of incorporation- all things Milloy never wants us to find.

The internet site, (Citizens for the Integrity of Science), is registered to Steve Milloy's home address in posh Potomac, MD, with Steve Milloy listed as the administrative contact. So who is actually paying for We don't know, and Milloy has repeatedly refused to disclose his patrons. Steve Milloy answers question of who pays for (annoyingly in the third person), "Steve Milloy [is paying for]. But who pays isn't important; the substance is. Steve figures he has the junk science debate won when an opponent raises a collateral issue like funding." Collatoral issue, Steve? We see it is pretty central, especially if former (?) client Monsanto is paying for all that pro-biotech spin, for example. And can you blame us if we wonder why Milloy is pretending to run a non-profit that exists as nothing more than the same phone number set up for an known tobacco industry front group in 1993?

CFIS does appear to have some sort of board, though we know of only two members, including Milloy. In a May 11,1999 Freedom of Information Act filed by Citizens for the Integrity of Science posted on the Junkscience web page, Steve Milloy listed himself and Michael Gough of the Competitive Enterprise Institute as "Directors" of Citizens for the Integrity of Science, with TASSC's old 1155 Connecticut address and contact info, which is also Milloy's current business address.

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