Midland Area Health Study by ZIP Code



            Zip Codes 48640 & 48642

            In 2001, the MDEQ – Air Quality Division finalized a health screening for Midland as part of an air permit.

            The study used five years of data, 1994-1998, from the Michigan Cancer Registry and studied a small set of cancer types.

            In late spring 2002, a citizen requested a copy of the Cancer Registry data for all cancer types for the same 5 years.  A comparison and summary follows.


The zip code study showed:

            Michigan cancer rate: 392.1 per 100,000 people

            Midland cancer rate:  847.5

       There were a total of 1,279 cancers for Midland’s two zip codes, 48640 and 48642.

       Midland has a population of ~40,000 people.

Rates reflect data after it was adjusted for age.

Data is per State of Michigan

Air Quality Division, 2001 Zip Code Study

The study reviewed only some of the cancers associated with dioxin exposure (prostate, soft-tissue, lung, all invasive cancers).

            48640 showed significantly high cancers of:

       All Cancers (vs. Midland & Bay County, State)

       Lung (vs. Midland County)

       Prostate (vs. Midland & Bay County, State)

            The data received in 2002 shows:

       1 additional incident of soft-tissue/bone cancer, which would have shown Midland statistically significant for this category for two years, rather than just one as indicated in the zip code study.



       2 additional incidents of lung cancer

       17 additional lung-related cancers.


Population by Zip Code

Zip Code    Population Total
  48640           27,412
  48642           25,254
  48611               6,057
  48623           12,693
  48602           33,144
  48603           36,759
  48604           10,771
  48706           41,201

Local Cancer Incidence by Zip Code, 1994-1998

Source: Ecology Center

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