Measured background levels of dioxin at sites in Michigan
as of November 1999

Location & TEQ in ppt

Lower Peninsula
LP-1 Brighton 5
LP-2 Eaton Rapids 18.1
LP-3 M-46 2.2
LP-4 Mt. Pleasant 1.1
LP-5 Harrison 1.25
LP-6 Gaylord 4
LP-7 Mackinaw City 14.5
LP-8 Port Huron 6.5
LP-9 I-69 Port Huron 2
LP-10 Manistee County National Forest 7.5
LP-11 Mason County 3.7
LP-12 Muskegon County 2.15
LP-13 Ionia 2.1
LP-14 Big Rapids 1.9
LP-15 Cadillac 0.6
LP-16 Kalkaska 2.2
LP-17 Monroe-Sterling State Park 2.4
LP-18 Elizabeth Park Marina 7.8
LP-19 Inkster 5
LP-20 Wayne State University 12.2
LP-21 Chandler Park-Detroit 13.8
LP-22 Gainsboro Park-Pleasant Ridge 3
LP-23 Flint 4.7
LP-24 Lansing 5.7
LP-25 Battle Creek 34.7
LP-26 Portage 3.6
LP-27 I-94 Median Sample-Lawrence 5.2
LP-28 Stevensville-Grand Mere S.P. 6.35
LP-29 Niles 7.3
LP-30 Vicksburg 14.9
LP-31 Hillsdale 10
LP-32 Leelanau State Park 1.95
LP-33 Traverse City 5.9
LP-34 Karlin 33.8
LP-35 Sandusky Comm. Park 13.3
LP-36 Port Austin-Jenkins Park 0.9
LP-37 Huron Co.-Sebewaing Park 2
LP-38 Bay City 12.2
LP-39 Standish 10.1
LP-40 Nayanguing Point Sag. Bay 1.8
LP-41 Auburn 7.9
LP-42 Saginaw Hoyt Park M-46 and M-13 13.7
LP-43 Loomis Park-Jackson 6.5
LP-44 Ann Arbor-Fuller Rec. Area 3.5
LP-45 Livonia-Bicentennial Park 4.05
LP-46 Pontiac-Oakland Park 4.5
LP-47 Oscoda 4.1
LP-48 Alpena-North Point 4.3
LP-49 Alpena-Lafarge Area 5.5
LP-50 Rogers City 2.8
LP-51 Montmorency County 3
LP-52 Au Sable River at M-33 0.8
Upper Peninsula
UP-1 Pte. Aux Chenes Bay 3.4
UP-2 Hog Island 1.9
UP-3 Seney Wildlife Refuge 3.3
UP-4 Seney Wildlife Refuge 35
UP-5 Munising/M-28 1.7
UP-6 Munising/West Side 1.7
UP-7 Seney Wildlife Refuge 1.45
UP-8 Escanaba 1.1
UP-9 Iron Mountain 0.7
UP-10 US-41/Humbolt Road 7.6
UP-11 Marquette 3.6
UP-12 Manistique 8.3
UP-13 Hancock-Keweenaw 2.1
UP-14 Ontonagon 0.5
UP-15 Watersmeet 2.5
UP-16 Menominee 2.2

431.1/68 = 6.339

3 highest: LP-25 =34.7
3 lowest: LP-15=0.6

Click here for map of Michigan background dioxin sample locations and results as of 11/99 (large pdf file)

Tittabawassee Flood Plain MDEQ Phase 1 sampling: Average 998 ppt, highest 7,261 TEQ
Tittabawassee Flood Plain MDEQ Phase 2 sampling: Average 799 ppt, highest 3,400 TEQ
Tittabawassee Flood Plain MDEQ Phase 3 sampling: Average 309 ppt, highest 5,660 TEQ

Source: Data: MDEQ November 1999 study.   This page composition: Ecology Center & TRW

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