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Dow Wild Game Study: Fish Data

SacFry-sm.jpg (11188 bytes)Note: The Dow wild game study did not include any facts or data pertaining to the dioxins impact on fish.

However, a review of the Dow data by the EPA and Dr. Hector Galbraith indicate the contamination has far reaching effects on fish and the humans and wildlife that consume them.

<< Click on image at left to view high resolution version (very large file) from Lake Ontario Trout Study           Click on image at right to view Warning signs posted in local parks in October 2005 >>>


EPA July 2004: "Unacceptable, elevated cancer risk's to public health to frequent consumers of fish"

bulletClick here to listen to more of the Dr. Linda Birnbaum (EPA)  presentation: "Dioxin, are we at risk?".   You are hearing a clip from the video when this page is opened.
bulletFish Advisory: 2004 Michigan Family Fish Consumption Guide
bulletEPA indicates there is much more in the Tittabawassee River than contaminated fish and dioxin, click here
bulletDioxin killed all young Lake Trout in Lake Ontario for 40 years
bulletEPA July 2004 memo on DWG study which includes concerns about cancer risk of consuming T.River fish.
bulletThe contamination has similar characteristics regarding levels of risk and area affected as the Kalamazoo and Fox Rivers, which are currently a focus of the US EPA remediation plans.
bulletIt is clear than a persistent, un-addressed dioxin problem exists.
bulletUnacceptable, elevated cancer risk's to public health to frequent consumers of fish.
bulletPotential health risks to persons consuming game.
bulletDioxin contamination of game indicate contamination of the terrestrial food chain
bulletUnacceptable, serious aquatic ecological risks to fish, fish eating birds, and mammals.
bulletStrong consideration should be given to removal of dioxin contaminated  sediments and flood plain soil.
bulletThere is particular concern regarding distortions of risk information which are causing inaccurate risk messages to the public.
bulletClick here to read the EPA 7/30/04 memo
bulletGES memo (7/16/04) to the MDEQ indicates the results of the Dow/Entrix Wild Game study in the Tittabawassee River Flood plain confirms findings of MDEQ/GES 2003 T.River Aquatic Ecological Risk Assesement.  Conclusions:
bulletReview of the Entrix (2004) report has shown that the data contained therein support one of the major conclusions of the Michigan DEQ terrestrial ecological risk assessment (GES, 2004), that is that biota and food chains on the Tittabawassee River downriver of Midland are contaminated by PCDDs and PCDFs. A reasonable conclusion from this is that predators and scavengers at the tops of these food chains are likely to be even more exposed to these contaminants than the deer, squirrels, and turkeys sampled in the Entrix (2004) study.
bulletHowever, the Entrix (2004) study was designed to generate data for an evaluation of risk to human health, rather than to ecological receptors. Because of this, design elements in the Entrix (2004) study, though perhaps appropriate for a human health risk analysis, result in an underestimation of the contaminant concentrations to which wildlife would be exposed and, hence, the magnitude of the risks incurred. These design elements comprise:
bulletThe sampling was confined to organisms which, because of their diets, are unlikely to bioaccumulate PCDDs and PCDFs to the extent that other organisms would.
bulletThe carcass handling procedures resulted in a likely underestimation of the magnitudes of the PCDD/PCDF whole-body burdens to which predators and scavengers may be exposed.
bulletThe sample spatial distribution almost certainly results in an underestimation of the PCDD/PCDF body burdens of turkeys in the lower sections of the floodplain, and, hence, in the potential exposures to their predators and scavengers.
bulletClick here to read the entire July 2004 memo
bulletTittabawassee River Aquatic Ecological Risk Assessment Slide Show
bulletTittabawassee River Aquatic Ecological Risk Assesement Final Report (pdf)

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