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14 June 2004


The Honorable James Koetje, Chairman

Michigan House Government Operations Committee

P.O. Box 30014

Lansing, MI 48909-7517


Dear Sir:

We have recently learned that dioxin levels in the Titabawasi River and the surrounding floodplain are 4,500ppt; and, may range to a high of 9,500ppt.  We are amazed that your committee would consider raising the standard from 90ppt to 1,000ppt.  This action clearly puts the Michigan Legislature on the side of increased property value vs. human health effect.

Research has repeatedly shown that low levels of dioxin (30ppt 100ppt) cause the greatest damage to humans and their offspring, from initial exposure out to 30 years and beyond the initial exposure.  Raising the floor at which human tolerance has already demonstrated adverse affect wll only serve to expose far more citizens of the Wolverine State and consequently serve to drastically elevate health care costs in future years for those citizens least able to afford them.

As a result, the cost, in both human lives and increases in taxpayer-borne healthcare costs for the poor, will increase to an unbearable burden for the State of Michigan within 20 years.

Therefore, the National VVA Agent Orange/Dioxin Committee adamantly opposes Michigan HB5963 that would raise the clean up standard for dioxin from 90ppt to 1,000ppt.

Very truly yours,


Paul Sutton, Chair

VVA Agent Orange/Dioxin Committee