June 14, 2004

Dear Mr. Koetje,

I am simply appalled at the actions Midland area representatives have
taken to protect Dow Chemical from being held responsible for their dioxin
contamination in the city of Midland, and the Tittabawassee/Saginaw/Saginaw
Bay watershed.

It is an embarrassment to this great state of Michigan.

To increase 'safe' levels of residential contamination from 90ppt to
1000ppt for the sake of business and industry over the priority of public health
is shameful.

EPA region 5 has recently stated that if the dioxin reassessment were ever
to be released (it has been peer reviewed for TWELVE years now), the
Federal level would probably drop from 1000 to anywhere from 14-54 ppt.

The current 1000ppt Federal standard now in use is over 20 years old,
there has been many more studies of the effects from dioxin exposure that would
lower 'safe' levels into double digit range. That is why Michigan has
their own standard of 90. It is much more protective of human health.

Were you aware that Midland has the highest level of diabetes in the
nation? There is a very strong link between dioxin exposure and diabetes. There
has never even been a study done of just the affected residents in Midland and
those who live on the highly contaminated Tittabawassee River.

To pass this bill would show utmost disregard for the community's health
in favor of big industry.

If Dow had contaminated the area with lead or mercury, would our state
government move to raise 'safe' levels of these poisons to also coincide
with relieving the industry's responsibility to clean it up? I pray not.

Please do not support this bill and encourage all others to do the same.


Kathy Henry
Freeland, Mi.