From: Katie Silberman []
Sent: Monday, June 14, 2004 3:16 PM
Cc: Judith Robinson
Subject: no more "Dow science"!


Dear Sir:


I am writing to express the deep concerns of the Center for Environmental Health over the Dow Corporationís misuse of science to further their economic ends and increase dioxin exposure to the people of Michigan.  The Center for Environmental Health is a non-profit organization based in Oakland, California.  We are committed to preventing pollution and protecting public health.  Allowing more dioxin into the bodies of the people of Michigan is inexcusable.  Dioxin is known to cause cancer in minute amounts.  As an elected official, you bear a deep responsibility to protecting the publicís health.  Please stand up to Dow and instead, stand with the people of Michigan in the pursuit of healthy bodies and a healthy environment for your beautiful state.  Please share this information with your committee.


Thank you for considering my comments,


Sincerely yours,


Katherine R. Silberman, JD

Associate Director

Center for Environmental Health

528 61st St, Ste A

Oakland, CA 94609

510/ 594-9864