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Dioxin, Are we at risk?: presented by EPA's Linda Birnbaum PhD

       40 - What are current levels of human exposure

bulletDaily exposure in the US, about 1-2 pg dioxins/kg/day
bulletCurrent body burden ("General population")
bullet~  5 ng dioxin/kg body weight
bullet~ 25 pg dioxin/gram fat

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TRW update (not part of Birnbaum presentation)

bulletClick here for MDEQ local exposure estimates (not part of Birnbaum presentation)
bulletNational average
bulletFor those living in soils with 90 ppt dioxin
bulletFor those living in soils with 1000 ppt dioxin
bulletNational average for those who consume local walleye
bulletLocal sport walleye angler
bulletFor sport anglers who live in soils with 1000 ppt dioxin and consume walleye

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