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2007 Tittabawassee Floods

March 16, 2007 marked the return of the spring floods which are typical on the Tittabawassee River.   Two flood events occurred between 3/16/07 and 3/24/07.  As the images below indicate, flooding of property and parks occur at levels less than the official 24 foot flood stage.

03/24/07  Dioxin on the move, 2 floods so far this month

The flood stage of the Tittabawassee River is
approximately 24 feet.  As the images below show,
flooding occurs on many properties at lower levels.

March 15, 2007
Hard to imagine anyone thinking they can predict where all the dioxin
laden soil lands after the flood, especially that 100,000 ppt "hot spot"
located a few miles upstream of where these photos were taken.

March 23, 2007Click here for more flood pictures from the past

March 23, 2007
Click here to watch a short video of the river in action
Before we knew about the dioxin
MDCH Warning:, people should take precautions when entering the flood plain: "There are some common sense steps you can take to limit your exposure to the dioxins found in the flood plain. If you have been playing or working in soil that could be contaminated, wash your skin to remove any dirt. Thorough hand washing is especially important before eating. Children playing outside should be prevented from putting toys or other dirty objects in their mouths. Clean fill dirt can be added over contaminated dirt in gardens, on lawns, and in play areas if dioxin contamination is known or suspected. However, if the area is flooded after clean fill is added, the surface soil could be re-contaminated. Care should be taken not to disturb the layer of clean soil covering the contaminated soil. Because they may be especially sensitive to dioxins, children should not play in soil or sediment that is known to contain elevated levels of dioxins. "

For more information concerning flooding in previous years, click here.

Park Flooding

Click on image below for larger view,

Freeland Festival Park

Imerman Park

West Michigan Park

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