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2004 Tittabawassee Flood

2004 marked the return of the spring floods which are typical on the Tittabawassee River.    The 1st two photo's are accompanied by images from the same area in spring of 2003.  2003 was a dry winter and atypical in that there was no spring flooding in this area. The pictures of residents yard were taken on 03/06/04 - 03/07/04 during the flood.   Many pictures are loading, be patient....

bulletTo view pictures of aftermath in a residents back yard, keep scrolling down or click here
bulletTo view pictures of aftermath in Imerman Park, click here
bulletSaginaw News: Flood-borne sediment includes dioxin   Midland Daily News: River rising

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During the flood 03/06/04 - 03/07/04

2004_0307_102729AA.JPG (130237 bytes) 03/07/04

2003_0423_095936AA.JPG (127718 bytes) 04/23/03

2004_0307_102742AA.JPG (127450 bytes) 03/07/04

2003_0423_100100AA.JPG (127156 bytes) 04/23/03


2004_0307_120837AA.JPG (127252 bytes) 03/07/04

Michelle Hurd Riddick, Lone Tree Council,  on tour, spring 2004

2004_0307_091644AA.JPG (126219 bytes) 03/07/04

2004_0306_083359AA.JPG (125791 bytes) 03/06/04

2004_0306_083430AA.JPG (126133 bytes) 03/6/04

Notice the bird house which is mounted on a 5 foot pole.  Go back to 1st photo, see a birdhouse?

2004_0306_083440AA.JPG (122189 bytes) 03/06/04

What is that stuff floating on the surface?  Where did it go?  Any dioxin in it? Where will it land?

2004_0306_083501AA.JPG (125354 bytes) 03/06/04

2004_0306_083516AA.JPG (125498 bytes)

Almost 300 feet from here to normal river bank.

2004_0306_083602AA.JPG (126624 bytes) 03/06/04

2004_0307_091534AA.JPG (126581 bytes) 03/07/04

2004_0307_091544AA.JPG (130294 bytes) 03/07/04

2004_0307_091658AA.JPG (126271 bytes) 03/07/04

Aftermath    3 weeks later 03/28/04

The following pictures were taken 3/28/04, 3 weeks after flood subsided.    Almost all of the ground is covered by a layer of new sandy soil deposited on the grass as well as large piles of other stuff washed down into the yard.   The ground cover here should be all green, the white stuff on the ground is sand, not snow!

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2004_0328_143811AA.JPG (128700 bytes)

2004_0328_144002AA.JPG (131053 bytes)

2004_0328_143841AA.JPG (124335 bytes) Close up

2004_0328_143948AA.JPG (128553 bytes)

2004_0328_143904AA.JPG (126317 bytes)

2004_0328_143642AA.JPG (125715 bytes)

2004_0328_143652AA.JPG (128893 bytes)

2004_0328_143501AA.JPG (127252 bytes)

2004_0328_144039AA.JPG (130916 bytes)

2004_0328_143512AA.JPG (130859 bytes)

2004_0328_143529AA.JPG (130501 bytes)

2004_0328_143656AA.JPG (128701 bytes)

2004_0328_143708AA.JPG (129908 bytes)

2004_0328_143718AA.JPG (125268 bytes)

2004_0328_143728AA.JPG (129943 bytes)

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